Celebrating Black History Month and DEI

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A Journey Through Black History: from 1619 to 2023

EVENT DATES: Feb 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th | FREE ADMISSION

TICKETS: https://allevents.in/louisville/black-history-month

This guided story takes place throughout Black history through mindfulness practices, relaxing participants and fostering empathy.

About this Event

We yearn to heal our generational racial trauma and ongoing racial divisions. There can be no healing without understanding, and true understanding comes from experience. None of us can fully experience the life of another, but each of us has a powerful capacity for empathy that can be unlocked when we relax the body and mind and open the heart.

These guided, mindful experiences will bring you through four periods of significance in African-American history.

Racial Trauma Therapy and Assessment Training

The Kniffley Racial Trauma Therapy Model (KRTTM) training program addresses three areas important to supporting BIPOC individuals who have experienced race-related stress and trauma: (1) content knowledge concerning the physiological, psychological, and relational impact of race-related stress and trauma, (2) the utilization of evidence-based assessment tools for racial identity development, quantifying discriminatory experiences, and determining the physical and emotional impact of racially stressful events, and (3) the application of culturally relevant therapeutic techniques rooted in racial identity exploration/development, racial trauma processing, and skill development. Two virtual self-paced training programs are offered including an Adult/Teen Racial Trauma Therapy module and a Youth Racial Trauma Therapy module

For More Information, Visit the Collective Care Center page on the Spalding University Center for Behavioral Health website.

DE&I Series: The State of DE&I: Where Do We Go from Here?

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM EST
Location TBD

Diversity, equity, and inclusion work has grown in popularity in the past few years. How is DE&I work being done, what is the current state of DE&I work, and what challenges might affect the work in 2023 and beyond?

Join us for a panel conversation with Chief Diversity Officers and experts about their experiences and perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Registration: $49.00

Register for The State of DE&I: Where do we go from here?

Black History Month: Unlocking Our Lost Stories

Network+Chill and LifeTagger is celebrating Black History Month by unlocking stories of local unsung heroes of black entrepreneurship.

Date and Time: Thu, February 2, 2023, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM EST

Location: The Loft At Biscuit Lounge 120 S. 10th Street Louisville, KY 40202

Authors: Chris Redd and Ricky Mason (Rheddorick)

Admission: Free

For more Information, visit:

Events for Youth

U.S. Chamber for Black Students Ages 9-12

Moving Black America Forward: Noir Black Business Clubs

The Chamber has begun establishing Noir Black Business Clubs on college and university campuses across the country, as well as the creation of online clubs for high school, middle school, and elementary school students, with the hope of increasing the number of successful black entrepreneurs and black corporate business professionals over time.

The program is free to all students, and educational sessions are facilitated by professors from participating colleges, universities, collaborative programs, and industry professionals. Programming is centered around The Chamber’s 10 Pillars, which are critical to the success of Black America. The first 4 Pillars are centered on Business Education and support for Black Entrepreneurs to Start, Small Black Businesses to Grow, Midsize Businesses to Sustain, and Black Corporate Professionals to Rise. The remaining 6 Pillars are centered around Community “Root Causes” and programming pertaining to Black Community Trauma Education, Black Teen Higher Professional Career Attainment, Non-College Bound Apprenticeships and Job Training Programs, Welfare Reform, Homeownership, and Black Talent Corporate Placement. Students will also learn financial management, public speaking, presenting, resume building, as well as business and dining etiquette. The program will also pair students with mentors, internships, and career placement opportunities.

Free Program

Students Register: https://www.noirbcc.org/
1-844-NOIRBCC(664-7222) | INFO@NOIRBCC.ORG

Community Education Opportunities

Youth Trauma First Aid Training

The Collective Care Center is committed to increasing access to information concerning: (1) Defining Racial Trauma, (2) Understanding the Impact of Racial Trauma, (3) How to get help for Racial Trauma, and (4) How to help others get help for Racial Trauma.

The CCC conducts a number of local, national, and international presentations each year to equip BIPOC individuals and BIPOC serving organizations with the knowledge and skill needed to reduce the impact of racial trauma. We offer a free virtual self-paced Youth Racial Trauma First Aid Training. We would be happy to support your organization with a racial trauma presentation or training!

Additional Resources

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Engaging My Child Parent Tip Tool: Uplifting Families Through Healthy Communication About Race

Fact Sheet for African American Grand Families

Kentucky Youth Advocates on Race-Equity

KYDAD Continued Learning for Dads | February 16 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Northern Kentucky University | Black History Month Celebration Calendar

PBS Video for Foster Parents/Children

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